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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Badshah of Bad


He is known as India's smartest, most business savvy metrosexual living man this side of the Atlantic.
He has converted himself into a million dollar brand that can sell anything under the sun. 
Brand Shah Rukh
Is the brand loosing its luster?
Will this mean that he will finally come to his senses?
While we all know he lost his mind a few years ago, when we started seeing him on every billboard in every road on every town in every state of the country, when he brawled with the MCA officials after his team won the last match in Mumbai. Not unusual for stars to act like divas, but then again this is Shah Rukh Khan.
He once famously said 'Whenever I feel arrogant, I'd like to visit the US'. Well, maybe it's time for SRK to book a weekly pass to the US just about now. 

But what has happened to a man who was the darling of billions? 
SRK has always been the brash, mercurial, self confessed 'arrogant' star. Could this be the unraveling of all that the actor has been going through for a few years? His movie career, of late, is not something we can write home about. He has been home- delivering a string of half baked flops for a while. His premier league cricket team has only come of age in this year but considering how this game is as much chance as luck, this is not something I would say is because of his effort. 

While many say that this famous brawl is just the signs of SRK loosing his marbles, I am amazed about the wicked coincidence this has with the biggest betting scam to hit the cash rich cricket league. A masterstroke, indeed.
SRK, after all, is a brand that is available for hire at the right price. 

But can a person like SRK bear to fade into the sunset? 
Can a generation fed on celebrity tantrums and gimmicks let their idol become obsolete?
Indians have notoriously short memory and all this will be forgiven soon. SRK will eventually 'regret' and 'apologize' for the way he behaved and MCA will lift the ban just in time for IPL 2013.

And we will all cheer for him. Again.

Written exclusively for 'RANDOM' by our Guest Blogger, Navin Mathew. More dope here: BlogFacebookIndiblogger

photo credit google search images of shahrukh khan


  1. This was the media making mountains of little blimps. Who knows what really happened? From what I've heard, what should've been a two minute slot was stretched into a mini serial.

  2. True, we have a very short memory. And I don't think a trip to US will do anything to his inflated ego. He is worshiped by the NRIs. Honestly, I wonder what's there in IPL? It's just a money making business for those participating and for spectators, I wonder they can tell who is who and who will be who in the next season...


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