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Monday, 28 November 2011


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In the times of size zero and six pack abs the pressure to remain fit and maintain a good physique for both men and women is quite high,i am a fairly sized woman a uk size 8figure yet i go to gym 5days a week and slog away,its more of a habbit for me now more than anything the fact that it allows me to eat everything and remain a size 8 apart from the great health benefits that comes with exercise..I get amazed watching girls who are probably a size zero running on the treadmill for an hour and above and then making their way to the weights section followed by a rigourous abdominal workout and when you talk to them you realise that these girls weighing not more than 45-53kilos are actually trying to loose weight. Often in the locker room i have heard them asking each other after dressing up am i looking fat?it makes me wonder whats wrong with this world and the youngsters today.My neighbour who i know since she was in class 11th in a delhi school a sweet bubbly teenager weighing around 90kgs would often tell me after coming back from school that while walking home some guy on a bike shouted out to her moti (fat)i wonder is being fat a crime?i understand that it leads to health problems but does that give any stranger a right to call a person fat?I know of people who jokingly call their friend a chubby girl with a beautiful face moti(fat)or how much will you eat look at your size all in good fun but do these people passing such remarks even in good fun realise what they may be doing to someones self esteem or confidence for that matter?My niece who delivered a baby 5days back is already asking the doctor when can i hit the gym again and is constantly fussing over her weight gain, is this size zero which seems to have become a social disease stopping her from enjoying her first few months with the newly born?My daughter weighed around 80kgs during her school days i was of course concerned but i never pushed her after hours at the gym she lost some 22kilos and still shes constantly trying to diet along with her workout routine and questions me everyday mom am i fat?Am i over reacting or is this really a big problem?


  1. Over thin is not anymore good. It is nice to have a workout everyday to maintain the fitness of the body. Thank you for sharing this one to us.

  2. Hi,
    Is this blogger template or else?!!?

  3. @ab workout yes its depressing to see girls starving themselves and working out until they pass out i think its more be healthy than to be skinny..
    @rajkumar the template is the travel template of blogger but the background is not that of blogger its been uploaded frm d net

  4. Trying to remain thin and overconscientious about ones physiq despite being morbidly thin is a disease. Those are the people who may need medical help. That's the reason why they don't permit any models with a BMI less than 18.5(not sure of the number) to walk on the ramp. Ideally there should be a cut off for entry into gym for weight reduction too.
    Even though an exposed clavicle of an adequately nourished lady is defienitely a turn on for men like me, I dread seeing a size zero with protruding clavicle with bony chest and pencil limbs. They look dilapidated.

  5. There's something with the template that cause eye strain when we read could be the red font on black background or the animation in the background. Can't really make out which of that is causing it. Please consider looking into that issue.

  6. @leo paw i think your idea of a cut off for weight reduction to join a gym is a very good one but i doubt thats going to happen considering that all the gyms are into money making and thats about it maybe if health ministry passes a ruling for it,it might just for the template am changing the colour of the font please let me know if it still causes strain in that case i will try a diffrent background..thanks for the input..

  7. Well-written! I'm a little chubby and people used to tease me.My relatives used to say to me "You are fair and tall.You just have to put down your weight a little".Initially I felt so bad.Now I'm used to it.Also I've got a cute name from my friends, that is Teddy :)
    Anyway as I don't have any health issues,I'm happy with what I'm...

    village girl

  8. hi roopz thats exactly my point here who decides the parameter of being thin?and morover why is weight such an issue if you are healthy what matters is that you are fit and healthy..yes being obese and morbidly obese is not good because then you are prone to many diseases,but as long as a person is healthy why is size an issue..and people commenting on someones body type?hello its none of there business

  9. Hi there.. Yes, its much better now.
    Since you've asked for my opinion, I'll tell you a bit on my choices. May be you could try out if you like them.
    -I strongly follow the principle of dark font on light background for a bog that is more textual
    and light font on dark background for that is more pictorial.
    -Too much red hue I believe is strenuous. I use shades in red for highlights and sparsely.
    -Bold fonts for titles and highlights. The body I prefer a smooth font, unbold, just of apt size. not too big not too small.
    -I wouldn't prefer an animated background for a blog that has more texts. they distract the reader.
    -I would consider having one single blog with the post categorized by tags and topics under navigation tabs.
    -Consider visiting if you need more choice of ready-made templates (in case you didn't know about it).
    They are not technical recommendations. Those are just my choices and few things I learned by trial and error at blogosphere.
    Happy blogging. You have wonderful entries in your blog.

  10. hi leo paw thank u so much for the recomendations,i will definitely try them out..let me look for a good background image and if you know of any site from where i can pick up some good backgrounds for my blog do let me know..and thanks for the template site i was not aware of it..will check it out..

  11. All you have to do is to select from the abdominal exercise machine the one that suits you best. If you can not find the time to work out in a gym, and you have decided not to forgo your exercise regime, the wisest alternative is to buy the best equipment you can conveniently use at home.

  12. hi suzie i have been following a regular exercise regime for the past 5years now..which also includes muai thai and combat..but yes i dont mind doing my abs at home as i feel very lazy doing abdominal exercises:)


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