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Monday, 24 March 2014

Traffic Signal

Delhi the National Capital of the Country has the highest concentration of "super-rich" and "rich" and  the second most favored destination for FDI . Its an is  attractive destination for tourist  with the second highest share of foreign tourists . Delhi with the highest density of road network (i.e.1739km per 100 sq km of area) compared to the national average length of 75km. With respect to the length of surfaced roads, It is also  among the most advanced economies in India, and the biggest consumption center in India for consumer goods and cars .The five National Highways  converging onto the Ring Roads of the National Capital Region of Delhi have resulted in severe congestion with  thorough movement of passenger and goods vehicles over the entire day. With best of the state infrastructure , roads flyways at disposal traffic is a big problem. A problem that is created by the drivers who do not follow the traffic rules. Here is the picture that I took last night while waiting behind an Auto Rickshaw driver  waiting for the traffic signal to turn green to go right . I waited until a gentleman came out of nowhere and directed the auto driver to make way for my car which had to go left and  had led to traffic jam behind me .

 I Realised even though  I honk or give dipper its not going to work as this auto rickshaw  had formed a fourth row blocking the left turn which is a freeway . Well I thought of doing something worthwile unlike someone who would have lost temper or had yelled at him .  


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