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Saturday, 7 January 2012

the magistrate from hell

Today i saw the ugliest face of Indian judiciary and what power can do gone are the days when the judges were calm,just and is what happened i would appreciate advise on filing a complaint against a judge as well so feel free to give your feedback and advise.
i have a case against me under section 138 as i had made stop payment of  an advance cheque for which i received no goods and the supplier concerned filed a case in the court.Now  i entered the courtroom of saket district court new Delhi with my bailee . While my lawyer had gone to get  a bail bond  on the 1st hearing  my name was called out,i appeared in the court and  informed the judge ,who appeared to be 35years who sat on his chair like an autocrat.He told me to return with my lawyer as  i returned after10minutes  at 11.15am with my lawyer the judge told us to return at 12pm sharp so my lawyer left telling me he would be back at 11.45. while i waited at 11.25 my name was called again i appeared before the magistrate and told him that my lawyer is will  at 12pm as we were asked to come back at 12. He shocked me by banging my file on the table and said now you return at 12pm which once again we did and waited for the magistrate to return from his chambers till 12.30pm when he did not the bail papers along with the driving license and the car rc of my bailee was sent to his chamber when the license was returned we learnt that the magistrate had retained the rc of a car worth rupees 6lakh for a bail bond near rupees 10000 without even giving us a chance to fend for ourselves.Anyways we were told that we will receive a letter from the court saying the rc has been retained by the court in the meanwhile we should give our thumb impressions in the adjacent room for the bail bond where i was asked to give a bribe of rupees 500 to give our thumb impressions which  i refused and after threatening the concerned person with a complaint against him did he take our thumb impressions now the court letter.It was sent to the magistrate in his chamber which he refused to sign asking us to return again at 2pm to get the letter i had no option so i was there at the courtroom again at 2pm the magistrate entered the room at 2.37pm and signed the court letter while their was another lawyer standing before him requesting the magistrate to reopen the case he had dismissed in front of me the magistrate told the lawyer i am sorry mere se galti ho gai thi i assumed things but mein ab case dismiss karne baad re open nahi kar sakta..when i went outside their was another lawyer complaining about the same magistrate saying that he is not giving the next date to appear for his case..This magistrate was the worst example of justice by far the most arrogant and biased man i have come across.I honestly fear that he will pass a biased judgement in my own case as it is i dont want anyone to face the kind of harassment i have faced at the hands of the honourable metropolitan magistrate so i am going to fight and i am going to file a complaint along with the two lawyers outside the courtroom who wanted to file a complaint against him as well.Please do guide if you have any idea about how to go about it and your comments are always welcome

Sunday, 1 January 2012

why do men and women stray in relationships

Few years back i had opined a different view about men , this is when i separated and was newly exposed to rude realities of life, until then i really did not think much about it at all. During my college days the list of my friends comprised  of  mostly boys as i would get on better with them.But one bitter truth and no exposure forced me to believe in a common version about men " all men  are the same "i became so against men that i began to search behind the man's eyes in case i felt he was being  too sweet and kind to me .
I am not here, trying to categorise men but men do stray so do women , at times i try to analyse various reasons for men and women to go outside the marriage , i may be wrong in my analysis and welcome you to make your point and give your opinion as well .Being in a business which gives me a lot of opportunity to interact with my clients(mostly men though) and due to long association with their family members i get an insight of several relationships which  enlightens me on this subject.
Men due to their natural instincts have  craving for a change which may not be common with all of them but it is a natural phenomena and they are able to hold themselves from indulging in such an activity  due to society pressures but they at times they do get carried away, where as women are concerned this kind of indulgence is more heard of and common in present generation due to exposure , availability of opportunities and sources and in young girls for heck of it.
All over the world men and women do get in to a legal matrimony as well as relationships but several of them are found straying . There is a strong need of understanding,wave length, compatibility (it has to be in ideas,food habits and in bed is equally important ) respect for each other to make a relationship or a marriage work.Most of the times i have found men feeling suffocated with nonstop calls from their inquisitive partners , trying to keep a check on them ,and have often wondered  why get married or get into a relationship at all if you do not know your man ?? Here i would like to mention one of my clients wife who always complained about her husband, but on my suggestion that "she should get over with her marriage than sulking all the time" she replied  "i thought i will take it and enjoy the luxuries and status that at my disposal "  really surprise and forced me to think ,  we as women should either take a firm stand else don't ponder on the miseries  Trust has to be a foundation of any relationship i feel , one should take time to know each other so well that you can trust each other blindly than suffocating your partner to the extent that he or she is forced to indulge into something which he or she may not intend to.Several times i have seen men and women lying to their partners about their whereabouts, so keeping a tab ultimately leads to lies and frustration . And in a woman's case i feel they need a lot of attention and appreciation from a man and due to absence of care in a relationship and a marriage they tend to seek it outside the marriage or relationship.The balance in both the cases is very important. But at the same time one must not ignore the pressures one faces in and out side the house. Criticism and abuse is not at all acceptable in both the cases.Apart from the points mentioned above there are factors like weak characters, fatal attraction, fun for heck of it that induces both
to indulge into one night stands or extra marital relationships or two timing while dating someone , which i feel one needs to close eyes on . Such incidents with the kind of exposure this generation has , the  clubbing culture,social networking sites,dating sites,drinking and getting carried away ,which is a norm of open society does make cheating easier and encourage situations like one night stand.
Men and women both if working have better opportunities at their disposal as compared to the rest , but fulfilment at home makes one stronger to have a strong hold on oneself.Several times i have seen girls and women use men for their financial needs and in return get used by them which is quite evident.there is no scarcity of women and girls who don't mind going out with a man for mutual benefits and if such girls and women were not available in the society the choice for a man would certainly narrow down .Particularly the women who get involved with married men breaking the others home is condemnable, so lets not just blame men , women are equally responsible in this particular case.  .
Conclusion:  one who has to cheat will cheat and one who doesn't want to cheat will never cheat ,opportunity or no opportunity doesn't matter and depends on the inner strength one has .In my opinion in to today's time your partner loves you is what should matter to you rest everything one needs to leave behind .


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