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Thursday, 15 March 2012


This post is dedicate to blogger friend AmitAag and inspired by his word in my comment box.
         " deep frm my heart " in response to "Odyssey"


aap kaya samjhen ge gum hamara...aap toe is rooh se waqif nahin....dil to dhadkta hai hamara......aawaz us mein aati nahin...humari  muskurahat ke peeche chupa hai aap samajh pate nahin
boo na lag jaye kisi ko is dil ki...hum paas kisi ke aate nahin...nazren jhuka chal deten hain hum.....bus muskura deten hain hum.....aap samajh paate nahin
          didaar karva diya jis din hum ne apne dil ka....aap seh na paao ge.....hum kaya tadpte hain
          aap bhi tadap jao ge..   ..kahin kaamp na jaye aap ki rooh , kuch aisa soch hum apna gum
           batate  nahin....aur aap samajh pate nahin.
 copyright (c)alka narula
          photo credit

Monday, 12 March 2012

The past is imperfect-future looks perfect

 "Mother, am I your love or the reason for all that is painful in your life or am I your liability? I am not the fruit of your love; I came to this world owing to your profession. I don't blame you for this, but today we are examples of how daily necessities push one to take a beaten track. You are my mother, this is as true as another bitter truth - neither you nor I know who my father is..." excerpt of a poem by Madhav Ramanuj

  Sunday, history was  made as eight girls from the villageWADIA VILLAGE (BANASKANTHA) GUJRAT:  got married in a mass wedding for the first time and left their mother's profession behind forever under full support from the state govt . This hamlet of North Gujarat has been known for prostitution since pre-Independence days. Most men of the village openly solicit clients for their women.There have been many attempts to bring the women of this village out of prostitution, but due to the high acceptance among their own community, the women were pushed back into the fold. The girls were not considered marriage material since they carried the stamp of being daughters of prostitutes.    Those who consider themselves respectable  generally stayed away from this village known for prostitution, But on Sunday, all roads led to this dusty hamlet as it made history. For the first time after Independence one heard the wedding bells in the village. The village, which is infamous for housing sex workers, made a clean break on Sunday. The first mass marriage at this village which, till date, had resisted all attempts to change marked the dawn of a new era. .People of Deesa  donated ceremonial gifts for each girl. People finally embraced change . The invitation cards were sent out with beautiful,heart felt words of poetry( excerpts given on top ) by famous Gujrati Poet Madhav Ramanuj


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