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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Candle Colours

The burning of candles for spiritual works goes back to ancient times Those who believe in spiritual candle burning can find important messages in the flame and  the candle colors are believed to have their own significance  .Candle Color Believers  ,believe the Colors of Candles have a deep meaning and there are those who know what they mean and stand behind their meaning. These people use certain color candles to help them focus and meditate on problems in their life or in others lives. Though I am not the one who believes in candle colors but here are  some candle color meanings

Health,Cleansing,Purity, Truth

Love, Sex,Energy,Domination


Peace,Wisdom,Court Case


Spellbreaking,Separation,Banish Evil



Power,Protection, Keep Evil Away




Monday, 17 March 2014


Candles have been a part of our culture for many years .Candle burning is part of our day to day life and many of us don't even realize how much. In our day to day life candles are lit at church, lit at funerals and always lit at the top of our birthday cakes that we blow out each and every year. Candle colours to have their own significance which I shall deal with in my following post . "Candle Color Believers" usually burn candles along with other forms of beliefs and for many of us candle burning is a religious belief for others it is a form of therapy , for some a part of healing and for me one of the passions and are necessary element to enhance the interiors . Few candles ( along with the link to source ) that may tempt you to elaborate your collection.....


                                                        Image courtesy Fab

Wall Decals

Wall decals are specially prepared paper bearing a picture or design for transfer to wood, metal, glass,etc and as the name suggests walls of course. I myself being an interior designer have an opportunity to play with colours all the time  but my all time favourite is white with a splash of colour and  that makes my style statement. Well , I really don't like to impose my  preferences on my clients as  its them , who ultimately have to live with those colours but I have rarely failed to sell my ideas to them. Here is a tip along with the links ( where one can source the relevant products from )   that can make a difference to your home as well .

Image courtesy Fab

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Beginning Of Another Night

Every object around us has a story to tell so does the sun while it sets " The beginning of another night " I was fortunate to have the company of  A.M.Faruqui (Photo journalist) else  there was no way I could have captured the  mesmerising sunset !

all pictures Copyright ©2012alkanarula 
Photo credits A.M.Faruqui

Bedia Tribe Madhya pradesh

 Bednia often referred as Bedia , a Schedule Tribe in India,  inhabits Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. They are known to be skilled in the folk arts of dance and music, rural acrobatics and black magic. It is believed that to a member of the warrior caste, robbery or prostitution is preferable to manual labour. During the British colonial rule, this nomadic tribe was branded  as  Bad man  (known as  bedias in Hindi meaning wolfs) which later deteriorated and came to known as Bednia .  These people are notorious for their tradition of introducing girls into prostitution.Marriage generally is not allowed for Bedia girls, especially within their community, although community marriages do occur sparingly. But once these marriages take place within their own community, Bedia girls are not permitted to dance or resort to prostitution.

I waited for four months since I watched a documentary on a nomadic tribe in India who encourage their girls to prostitution and the boys therefore are pre-destined to become pimps. Driven by strong urge to visit to understand them and work for  betterment of this community took me to Madhya Pradesh last week . A different world which most of us cant imagine lies in out skirts of Bhopal , approximately 225 kms away from the city . There are about 51 such communities which inhabit Madhya Pradesh and live a non existent life. I travelled village to village and the bond I developed with them has given me one more aim to achieve, though an uphill task but I strongly believe " Where there is a will there's a way " And I am sure to find a way for upliftment of this tribe and the work has already begun.

In my next post I will be sharing the facts that I learnt from the ground zero and the perception people have about them from little they have learnt about Bedias on television channels or read about them . They live with a  painful past with some hope in the present  and  a bright future that I promised to them , which I hope I will be able to live up to with the determination I have. I make a strong appeal to everyone to support me in this great mission

all pictures Copyright ©2012alkanarula 
Photo credits A.M.Faruqui. 


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