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Friday, 27 April 2012

English Indians

 "Hey you need to improve your English  " I over heard an English speaking lad who sat right behind me, at the airport with his friend."but you understood what i said ,isn't  that more important , in any case English is not our language so i don't care about the accent" said she and burst out into giggles. I turned around to look at the girl,she must have been in mid thirties , beautiful looking girl who appeared to be  a small town girl from  north India. The young guy looked at her with disapproving eyes . I could make out he was  not too pleased with her reply but had no answer either and in my opinion she was absolutely right in what she had just said.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


kiyun hain itna majboor aai khuda hum...
apna gum chupai chupta nahin................
kaya kahen zinda laash hain hum............
waqt guzare guzarta nahin......................
 na kisi ki talaash mein aab....................
na kiska intzaar hai...............................
 kaise kahen ,kis ko kahen....................
is jism ko mitane ko tayyar hain hum.....
koi humari sunta nahi !!

copy right(c)alka narula
photo credit

Black or White (guest post )

Hundreds of years ago, when the British landed in India to trade and later colonise and rule, they found their work cut out for them. 'Break the spirit of the common folk'
The rest is history. 
Six decades later, our spirit is still broken. 
Our politicians have continued to plunder our land and we are unable to tell them to quit it.
We hold ourselves in low esteem and we can't bear to be dark.
Our colonial obsession with being fair and white is legendary.

Though one of the most beautiful women, in India and abroad, have been dusky, we still patronise and yearn for that irresistably smooth and flawless white skin. Interestingly our obsession with fair skin makes great business sense too.
Unless you are buried under a rock, it is hard to miss the countless billboards and the million advertisements that no longer promote but promise you fairer whiter skin in as less as a week. Regular week, that is.
So when companies promise you white skin or (double) your money back, that is a promise that is hard to say pass to.

Over the years, I've seen creams that promise to make you fair and lovely, cover all those blemishes, get rid of dark-heads, make you fairer by several tones, control oily skin and virtually everything you could perhaps think of.
I've seen women (and men), young and the old aspiring to be young, buying creams that would whiten their skin, their hands, their under-eye and their underarms. 
And if you thought this could be all that could be whitened, then how wrong did you get.

A very popular Indian fairness company now has a cream that will whiten a lady's vagina. That's right. You heard it right. For women who are ashamed of their privates because of the colour and for men who are disgusted of their wife's/girlfriend's/mistress's dark brown or black vaginas. 
I'm struggling to get my head around why a lady would want to use a cream in a place as intimate as this. 
Vanity? Possible. 
Women throughout history have been programmed to believe that they are objects that must be made available for the exclusive pleasure of men. To be used as a sexual tool. She must be perfect everywhere. 
For those who thought the Brazilian wax was taking it too far, this could be taboo. 
But for unmarried women who has been promiscuous before marriage and go in for a vaginoplasty, this cream is the icing on the cake. After all, which groom will suspect his new bride's chastity if her vagina is tight and white.
It may not matter to him that he would've had a dozen romps but his bride has to be a virgin. 

While we still don't know how effective the creams are, but assuming that they will whiten the V's just as fast as they promise to, can we judge the women who want to whiten their privates just so that their boyfriends or husbands or significant others don't cringe at the unsightly vision down south. 
Ofcourse, this cream also means that a lady can now change everything about herself. We do have the shampoos, conditioners, soaps, creams and lotions for every other part of the body already.

I also wonder how the company is going to advertise this particular cream. But I'm going to leave this to the creative minds of our land. Would the feminists of our land demand a cream that would whiten a man's dark penis too? In a society where the men will always rule, this won't be the last product designed for our lust.

'RANDOM' by our Guest Blogger, Navin Mathew. More dope here: Blog (, Facebook (, Indiblogger (

photo credit Margari Aziza


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