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Thursday, 19 April 2012


sub shikwa shikayat chod chale...
tri duniya se munh mod chale......
jab aana hi tha tere paas ei rub...
kun kun kar baithe yeh dil lagi!!

modna tha jub yeh munh toe.......
khaak hi ho  jana tha..................
kiyun rusva hote rahe..................
tanhai se darte rahe....................
tanha hi jana tha.........................
tere paas hi toe aana tha.............
jee lete tera naam le le kar..........
dil kiyun laga baithe is duniya se..
jub mitti mein hi mil jaana tha!!

copy right(c)alka narula

eise jaghe


Ei khuda le chal tu humein aise jaghe................
sun na paaun koi awaaz jahan..........................
 na hon humare koi khawab wahan...................
is jahan se door , rusvai na ho paas jahan ........
taqdeer ka na ho koi wajood wahan................
mila de humein tu khaak mein isi waqt,isi jaghe.
le chal humein  tu saath wahan........................
na ho humara koi naam jahan .........................

copy right(c)alkanarula
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

my first guest post

I was invited to write a guest post by my fellow blogger navin mathew,i was very thrilled but didnt know what to write about and after days of wondering i finally came across a topic the on show called " sach ka saamna " based on the concept of the moment of can go through the post on the link below:)

My name is not Khan (guest post)

My name is not Khan(guest post by Navin Mathew)        

My Name is Khan. The movie was endearing, the star is not. Shah Rukh Khan is perhaps the most pompous, over-rated movie actor in modern times. A self proclaimed gift from God to humanity. So you got to hand it to him. He's got an amazing PR machiine working in his favor. But he has not always been this way, just so you know. There were times when he was the respectable actor with the understated charm. People, like me, used to want to watch him in the movies. But those were the good ol' days. Or like Pheobe would say - 'The days of yore'. But these days, he is busy doing the monkey at marriage parties, playing gilly danda with his cricket team, making crappy movies, slapping anonymous husbands to infamy and getting stopped at airports (Read the entertaining news here What? Did you just say the great Khan is getting stopped at airports? OMG! This is totally unacceptable and a gross injustice to Indians everywhere. How can the greatest cultural icon of our times (no pun intended) dare be treated this way? Have we done the same to David Headley ( Heck no. We allowed that combo American come, scout for places and leave. Why? Because we believe in Athiti Devo Bhava. But SRK getting pulled over by immigration (again) right after he landed is an insult. Obviously, the Americans didnt take it too kindly that he has been making an utter fool of the cheerleaders' costume for his team. And I'll bet the Americans would have left this as a comment next to his name for the immigration officials. The usual happens. India is fuming at this disgrace, and has demanded an apology. Honestly, Krishna. Do you really think the yankies could care less? Instead they'd be having a mighty good laugh at the way we throw tantrums. We're not getting it. And all this for just an actor who flew in a private jet accompanied by the wealthiest Indian wife to speak at an American University, probably about Bollywood. But ofcourse, the greatest actor in the world deserves to be treated with respect and need to be fought for. We all do. Even those Indian sailors languishing in Pakistani prisons and caught by Somalian pirates. My take: I think SRK should choose to drop the Khan, so that he can pass through airport immigration a little easier the next time and we get to hear a little less of him. Written exclusively for 'RANDOM' by our Guest Blogger, Navin Mathew. More dope here: Blog (, Facebook (, Indiblogger (

Monday, 16 April 2012


                                                  Kaya kahen aie khuda
                                                    hum toe hain majboor
                               hum to maikhana aaye the un ko bhula dene aaj
                                 magar har ek jo jaam liya , unka le naam piya
                                                na un ko bhula paye hum
                                      ouper se jaam bhi hum ne thaam liya !

copy right (c)alka narula
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bahut khoob !

aai khud teri yeh bandi ........kiyun tanha .kaya is ka kasoor
kiyun kar rusva ho chal diye........yeh bundi ko kar majboor
teri fitrat samajh na paye hum..........tere andaaz hain khoob
jub poocha teri majboori.....hus kar chal diye , kaya kahen
tum ho bahut khoob !

copy right (c)alka narula
photo credit

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My connection with Omar Khayyam !

I must have been in class seven when my dad made me and my elder sister join some painting classes.Some how before the teacher could teach us oils I was ready with my oil painting,when he tried teaching us waters next day, I went with water colour painting  and guess what I had painted , inadvertently Omar Khayyam. From that particular day onwards he started ignoring me and for several years I wondered why  did he not appreciate my work. Later  I gifted that painting to my neighbour, by the time I realised what I had painted it was too late and ever since then I started reading about this great man and his works. The painting still haunts me, at times I wish I could get it back !

Here are  few beautiful lines by Omar Khayyam thought of sharing with you all


Thou hast said that Thou wilt torment me,
But I shall fear not such a warning.
For where Thou art, there can be no torment,
And where Thou art not, how can such a place exist?
The rotating wheel of heaven within which we wonder,
Is an imaginable lamp of which we have knowledge by similitude.
The sun is the candle and the world the lamp,
We are like forms revolving within it.
A drop of water falls in an ocean wide,
A grain of dust becomes with earth allied;
What doth thy coming, going here denote?
A fly appeared a while, then invisible he became.
credits  wikipedia


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