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Sunday, 1 September 2013

"Justice for rape survivors "

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"One more pedantic and "follow the law blindly type judgement has come and the young criminal in Delhi rape case has been sent to child reform home as a punishment for his heinous crimes.

Any crime of such nature is a crime of uncontrolled hormones. This lower court judge got confused between a person and his uncontrolled hormones.We have 2 interesting case wherein two persons, one a juvenile and another an old man of 74 committing same type of crime. Its idiotic to attribute such type of crimes to age.

But you need extra ordinary wisdom and insight to rise above the rest,but this lower court judge is no such type " - Rana Raj K Singh , Attorney at Supreme Court of India

And do we sit and watch silently ?? What baffles me more than any thing else why are our parliamentarians quiet , if they make amendments in Supreme Court ruling in R P I act
recently why not Juvenile Justice Act .Here I appeal to the blogger community who feel stricter laws need to be introduced in juvenile justice act 
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