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Sunday, 6 October 2013 domain name on sale

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It has been long when I penned a few words , for I felt conned by Google and that upset me to the extent that I was unable to concentrate neither on my work nor on my blogs.For several days I was denied access to my website as and when it reached renewal stage, I really don't have the count of mails I must have exchanged with Godaddy and Google Help Centre but all in vain as my password was not accepted and the end  result the directions they gave me became null and my blog got in to redemption period. After endless communication on emails I was left with no choice but to call up Godaddy who informed me that  my domain has been sold by Google before the redemption period and the only help they can extend is to request Google who can negotiate with the buyer for which the Google will charge me 70 dollars.And it was also confirmed by Godaddy that I could not sue Google as they have a right to sell (which they normally don't do ) and is mentioned in the terms of agreement which I probably never read .For few days I was in several minds whether to give up or register a new domain  and then they added fuel to fury by putting up domain name ) on sale for INR66,666.67*  well the game plan is clear if i am desperate  I ill buy it back for that amt which is a thousand times more than the actual price .  Finally I  decided to go for a new domain name and pay atleast for 5 years along with web developer and auto mode terms of payment which is going o cost me the same .

Crowns for Sale

Recently I participated in a beauty pageant " Mrs India Worldwide like most of the matches this one seemed  fixed  too , a bitter experience for those who went back empty handed despite being a deserving candidates.  All those aspiring models or young girls wanting to participate in a beauty pageant must go through the details before taking a plunge into it. For me and for that matter for most of us a beauty pageant means beauty with brains but this one was with a difference , neither one needed the beauty nor the brains to be a winner and it became evident from the way the crowns and titles were conferred on non deserving candidates. In fact after coming back home I warned my daughter( who is eligible to participate) to drop the idea   unless and until I have he money to buy a crown . I am a well established business woman ,successful and accomplished  with many feathers in my hat .I  was also a cover girl for Women's Era magazine , a feature model who has tasted success . Crown  was the least  that I had on my mind when I went for it but I wanted do kill my crave for not having been able to participate in one in my young age How many women in 50's have the courage  to compete with girls in 20's that too in a beauty pageant but that's  me. And I did not come empty hands , the only probable reason could be that I was a very strong and deserving contestant  they could have deprived me of one or two or may be three titles but  had they deprived me of all their intentions would have been questioned by me , by a woman who knows how to stand for not only her own rights but for the others rights too. So I can say it was their need to silence me .

A girl Resica Naicker  who claimed to have won Mrs South Africa ( Though her name is not there in the list of Mrs South Africa since  1956 to 2013 in wikipedia plz click to check)  )And it was not only her even the organisers stood in  support of her claims.  Well she  neither had the body or the body language nor did she know that not only one  is not supposed to wear open toed shoes on ramp but there is also negative marking for that ,To top it up she does not have an Indian Passport where as it was mandatory in the contract . 

She  came to India to represent South Africa and flew down not only along with  her company CEO  but  also  the CEO's entire family joined her to stay in  the same hotel where we were lodged in . As per my knowledge neither any of the family member nor friends of contestants are allowed to meet or see them during the grooming session. But four people flying down from South Africa only pointed out " She  knows she is the winner"
                                                        RESICA NAICKER

 1  Resica  Naicker 37 with visible flab all around  her body , I should rather say quite masculine  was crowned the winner . A teacher by profession who was also conferred with titles Mrs Beautiful Eyes despite the fact she wore  grey contacts , without those contacts she didn't have the eyes to flaunt , yet she was allowed to wear them on where as in any beauty pageant the first thing the contestants are made to remove are the coloured contacts and hair extensions .

 2 A teacher who does not have a  Doctorate degree nor any of us got to have a glimpse of intellectual side  of hers was also conferred with Mrs Intellectual   where as DR Diana Grover  who is an E N T specialist , a  pretty face , who is in good shape went back without a single title though Docs are known to be intellects and that. is an established fact

                                                          ALKA JAWLA

First runner up Alka Jawla 27  who from the day one behaved like a self acclaimed winner who got all the importance by the choreographer( probably he had the list of the ones who were fixed) .She led the ramp walk , dance sequence and had I not put my foot down
 she would have also  lead the gown sequence  ( will share the details how I bagged the show stopper gown in my next post) . Though she denied but she was definitely groomed  at a finishing school.(but all is fair in love and war) . An average looking IT professional who lacked the panache ,And above all she not being a mother did not qualify the participation criteria.

 Like Rescia  , Alka Jawla too was not aware of foremost rules of the ramp a big NO NO to open toes butt it did not result in to  -ve marking for either of  them and she was conferred with Mrs Catwalk ,which she truly truly deserved.She was slim but with dis-proportionate thighs and was also conferred with Mrs beautiful body I wonder how did the jury get o see her beautiful body when she did not show up her body in the  Bikini round   ! And Alka Narula (that's me) who at 50 had a well contoured ,sensual ,spotless ,all curves in right places was deprived of the "Mrs Beautiful Body " .Though the fitness trainer did mention  her  name after their eyes locked  while giving away the Title I wonder whether it was her guilt or something else that made her comment " Alka Narula was another strong contestant for this title but may be she will do better next time " Those words came from the horses mouth only after the  anchor asked  to make a guess and the only name spelt out by most of  the contestants was "Alka Narula"
Below is my pic for _ Ms  Beautiful Body " comparison 


The second runner up again a N R I Bhavya Gehlot who spoke well but had too broad a butt that almost seemed like that of an -X, she had the body language but was too huge for a woman , in fact has loose fat all over her body. I can't say about the viewers but for me it was quite a repelling sight . Yes , certainly if she could lose weight she may look good on ramp , neither could I see a deserving body nor could I see much of her brains but  arrogance a big YES YES. As per organisers 60% of the marks were given by the organisers  for good conduct on day to day basis but this girl was one of the notorious gang who comprised of all NR Is (except Resica who was too good to be true probably she knew it from before she came to India or probably she played her cards sensibly )and few who had come from finishing schools .

                                  BHAVYA  GEHLOT

So was the story of top three . I will be sharing the titles  those went wrong in my next post.
*** Pls note that my intention is not to discourage any one from participate in Beauty pageant but apart from warning it its an advice to go through finishing schools as they are the negotiators between the organisers and the participants  also must scan the background of the organisers and go ahead only if they have a good reputation .
*** Pls note this post is completely based on my experience  & my personal opinion
     Its  not meant to hurt or harm  any body's feelings or image.
Photo Credits - google image search result 


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