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Thursday, 8 December 2011

"whats's your problem " says Veena Malik......

 Veena is back in news ! Though i am not a person who is too much in to bollywood so most of the times  i am unable to recognise the faces except for few Mallika Sherawat,Rakhi Sawant and latest on list Veena Malik ,all three known for controversies but honestly they really have got the nerve of the audience and  being one of them ,i remember  their names by heart , though i don't remember having seen a Hindi movie for past few years , but have seen these faces  in news on eruption of a new contoversy .
Veena got the mantra to remain in the lime light by constantly getting in to one or the other controversy,i find her a smart chick who knows her way up on top. Her entry in bollywood started with match fixing scandal followed by scripted love affair in big boss and now her nude picture on the cover page of an Indian magazine FHM with the initials of Pakistan's feared and powerful intelligence agency on her arm has triggered fury across this conservative nation  though audience of both the countries are thoroughly enjoying it.
 .Conservative cleric Maulana Abdul Qawi declared on Aaj TV on Saturday that her latest venture into controversy was a "shame for all Muslims."
 In an interview with Pakistani Geo television broadcast Saturday, however, Though Veena has not denied having been photographed for a "bold but not nude shot "  but claims that photo was published in violation of her agreement with FHM where as  magazine editor Kabeer Sharma said Malik had given full consent for the shoot and the picture. Asked by reporters whether Pakistan would "pursue the matter" legally, the country's Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Saturday, "First, let us see whether it is real or fake."
No matter what one says but Veena sure is to get away with " whats your problem " after all its Veena Malik who knows once the magazine is public Maulanas to  Rehman Malik are all gonna like it and forget what they didn't like , and that is  HER GUTS !!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

divorce a taboo

I am divorced and i dont like to use my husbands surname and neither does my daughter but sadly enough everytime she had to fill a form for college application or something there was always an option of fathers name but or local guardian but not of mother name it disturbed me and frustrated me to go to her college explain the situation and have my name written in front of fathers name.
In the metropolitan cities of india a small percentage of people are divorced and are quite open about it but for smaller states and cities like jammu,kanpur etc divorce is a big deal.12years since my divorce yet except for my immediate family in jammu(my hometown)nobody is told that i got divorced as per the distant relatives and friends even uncles and aunts for that matter i am still living happily with my husband in delhi.Though deep in their hearts they do know that i am divorced yet everytime i or my daughter get to see them the same question how is x in a sarcastic manner(thats my ex husband for you).
I cant help but wonder do you really expect everyone to find their soulmate in one go?i mean of course their are many fortunate people who do but not everyone can. When you are young  you make mistakes,you fall in love, get married and after a while realise its not working,he/she is not the one for you,so for the sake of society do you continue suffering in an emotionally or physicaly abusive relationship that is not working or do you set yourself free and live in peace?Why in our country is divorce still a taboo?


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