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Friday, 18 November 2011

Recipe for " over night chicken "

This is my secret recipe and i call it 'over night chicken " this is my contest entry for 'Master chef India 2 contest " on . I christened it 'OVER  NIGHT CHICKEN ' as it takes almost a night for the flavours and spices to get absorbed and set in the chicken.

Serves 4


chicken with bones  - 1 full
 mustard oil   - 1/2 LT
vinegar          - 1/2 cup
fresh garlic paste   - 100gms
fresh ginger paste  -100gms
red chilli powder   -2tsp(or to taste)
salt    - 2tsp (or to taste)                                     
cloves  -6nos
green cardamom     - 4nos
Black cardamom     - 6 nos
cinnamon     - 2sticks
Tej patta   - 6 leaves
Black pepper   - 4nos
Saunth powder  - 1/2 spoon
Sauf powder  - 3 tsp
Chilli sauce green  - 1tsp
Ajinamoto   - 1/2 tsp


Make a paste of 1tsp salt, 1 tsp red chilli powder ,2tbs vinegar,1tsp chilli sauce, a pinch of saunth powder and 1tsp saunf powder , add chicken to this paste and mix well so that the chicken pieces are completely covered by the paste . Keep the chicken in refrigerator and let it marinate over night.

The nxt morning or after twelve hours of marination ,take the chicken out of the refrigerator and remove the excess water if any  keep the water in a seperate bowl (chicken might secrete water) .

 Burn the mustard oil in a heavy pan and add the chicken pieces to it  let it fry on a medium flame till tender. Once well fried take the pieces out of the pan and in the same oil add  fresh ginger paste , fresh garlic paste
 all the sabut masala (whole spices) and saute  till the paste is light brown.

Add fried chicken, and the drained chicken water to the fried ginger,garlic and sabut masala paste and saute  at low flame till the water dries out . Now add  all the remaing masalas (spices),vinegar,ajinamoto to it , mix well and allow it to cool at room temp.

This chicken is ready to have , two hours after its cooked. Have it with your choice of bread....hope you enjoy it...

           copyright(c)alka narula

Race with Gadgets..........generation tech

Lazy Animated Sexy Television
 I started off my warm up which comprised of skipping in GX class(group exercise classes like muai thai, combat etc held at my gym)  ,when suddenly i turned towards my daughter who also works out in the same gym and asked her to join me ,a little apprehensive but she paired up with me and skipping became a fun game for both of us while
others watched in dismay.often in my mind i travel back to my child hood when growing up was so natural,we did not have any gadgets or machines to work on.Playing on the streets,climbing up the trees,hide and seek ,was all  fun.But we have entered an era of machines  and the new tech savy generation is  totally dependent on machines.Children are no more seen playing in colonies but yes they are certainly found working out on machines in gym ,their favourite games are either play stations , mobile phones or internet ,the other day i was amused to see my clients 3year old son sitting in one corner of the room engrossed in his i pad and i was amazed when my client told me "i got him an i pad so that he would leave the cell phone alone".I call it GENERATION TECH which is a result of nuclear family system coupled with race for never ending desires for materials.Theres no contentment ,parents want to earn more and more to afford luxuries as a result children are rewarded with machines to keep thmselves busy. Hit and Run cases are often heard of now a days and most recently Famous Cricketer Azharudins son was killed by speed ,which probably has become a norm these days.
You turn around and see people moving their lips while no ones around , typing on an ipad and smiling by self ...walking on a treadmill unaware of whos on the next machine living in a house for 10 years not knowing the name of the old man living next door watering his plants every morning......Are we not surrounded by madness all around??

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Indo Pak Union.......

Earth-06-june.gif (26112 bytes)

The out come of colonial rule in our country often builds up frustration within me, to top it up the politics on either side of border and to add fuel to fire the world politics !.I still remember the union of East and West Germany and wonder can it ever happen with India and Pak !! As a child i  often heard  tales from my grand parents about life before partition, probably it had great influence somewhere deep down in my sub cautious mind and heart.We are two countries with similar culture ,food habits,common language and dressing style and the people can very well connect and relate with each other but why the enemity ?? I often wonder what if India and Pak reunites to form Hindustan once again...i am sure we will become a country which is Super Power , rich in resources culture ,talent, strength last but not least we will have the No. One Cricket Team in the world   , i am sure Cricket might interest some of Indo Pak readers as its a common passion in both the countries . People on either side of border do  not have nothing against each other its just some fanatic organisations which tend to spread venom... else we would not be connecting on FB , nor there would be appreciation of art and music

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Low fat dessert.... recipe

Being a figure conscious woman ,i found it extremely difficult dealing with my sweet tooth untill my creative senses came up with an idea ,and believe me ever since then i finish my day with a filling dessert which is a fusion of Indian and Western recipe , easy to make and a chefs delight . Thought of sharing with every one hope you would like it.

Ingredients ( serves  1no)

1 .   Lassi (sweetened yoghurt) frozen to form a paste 1/4 lt
2 .  Natural fruit preserves ( blackcherry sweetend) 2 heaped table spoons
3 .  Semi ground almonds or walnuts 5 nos
4 .  Sliced babana  1no
5 .  Finely cut figs   2nos


Layer bananas,cherries,dry fuits , one on top of the other and pour frozen yoghurt gently on top and serve.


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