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Friday, 20 December 2013


Once again few lines in hindi 

मेरे जीवन की हर कड़ी हो तुम 
मेरे मुस्कुराने की वजह भी तुम
मेरी तकदीर में लिखे संगीतकार होने की वजेह
हो तुम
कैसे कहूँ मेरी ज़ुबान हो तुम
मेरे गीत  भी तुम
मेरे संगीत की जान हो तुम
आ रंग दे मुझे
इस से पहले गुमशुदा हों हम
खो जाय मेरा वजूद 
मिट जाए मेरा नामो निशान
हवा में हो जाए गुम
सुन ले मेरे कदमो की आहट
मेरी पायल की रुन झुन
वक़्त की रफ़्तार के आगे किस का चला है दम
फिसल जाता है हाथ की उंगलिओन से जैसे
बारिश की बूंदे
मगर एहसास होता है सन्नाटे की आवाज़ से 
जब सुनाई नहीं देती रिम झिम
ले चल ऐसी जगह जहाँ मेरे सिवा बस हो तुम
मेरे दिल का नगमा  सुन सको 
और कुछ ना सुन सको  तुम
फिर से कहा जो तुमने
किसी और की आहट से परेशान हो तुम
चल दू गी मैं मुस्कुरा करबस इतना  कह कर
मेरे मुक़ुद्दर में नही हो शायद तुम
मगर बन जाओ गे ना सिर्फ़
काग़ज़ के कोरे पन्ने होने की वजह बस   तुम 
मेरे बेज़ुबान होने की वजह  भी  तुम 

Kumar Vishwas Before And After

According to his official website Kumar Vishwas the AAP (AAM ADMI PARTY) leader
is an Indian Youth Icon, who carries several aspects in his personality. As a celebrated Hindi poet, he is well known across the world. He is credited with reviving Hindi poetry among young generation.

I can not discredit Kumar Vishwas of being a good poet  or undermine his capability of being a shrewed politician  but after hearing him debate  and watch the  increasing arrogance on display through  his body language I refuse to accept him as Youth Icon. Kumar Vishwas has constantly been on my target for the arrogance and the filthy language he uses without hesitation yet with over confidence that he seems to think the entire nation loves him and only him and he is The Best . I have  closely watched this young man's image grow from a  simpleton  to larger than life and have not only observed ,a drastic change in his way of conducting himself from good to bad  of course but also the dramatic change in his dressing  style , which is getting better and better day by day ever since he came into politics. The fact that I can not deny , from a boy next door to a totally transformed  Kumar Vishwas who of late is seen only in designer outfits  for every occasions , surely seems  in race with The Fashion Icon  in the country , Well that's not the point I was trying to make to make through this post  but draw every one's attention on his latest wardrobe. If we look at his before and after pics they have a story to tell for me its from rags to riches or could be foreign funding effect ...

Before                                                             After

Before                                                         After

Before                                                            After

Before                                                            After

Before                                                              After    

  Before                                                              After    

  Before                                                              After    

Few lines I would like to dedicate to him in his language ,  in his honor 
Watch me I am a new Kumar Vishwas
Why do you look so dazed
I am in race with fashion Icon 
If you have a problem get lost 
I am here to bring about much needed change
From dull ordinary face to branded shades
 Don;t mention my sloppy T shirts but talk about my crisp jackets
That can set you ablaze
                                 I am done with  pujari ji's scarves I only adorn Burberry 
                                                  And other designer's .range !

Disclaimer - The post is not meant to hurt any one's emotions or is politically motivated but is purely based on my personal views and opinion . 

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