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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Letter to Election Commission of IIndia

I feel disgusted each time I watch AAP (Aam Aadmi Party ) candidates or workers holding a Jharoo (broom) in their hands . It may have been during the election campaign or during the celebrations I felt the same .Well one may wonder why should it concern me its purely AAP's choice ! To cut it short AAP claims to represent the youth of our country , and do we want to see our youth holding some thing that represents future and growth or a broom in their hands  and above all today AAP is contesting at state level but tomorrow when they contests at national level can we accept our PM candidate waving a broom , at least I can't . More over what message are we going to convey to international community . Recently I wrote a letter to Election Commission Of India expressing my concern over such election symbols of which the copy has been shared in this post.. Since it's not illegible one can read the contents below
To                                                                                                                                        27/'11/03
The Chief of Election Commission
Election Commission of India
Parliament Street
N Delhi

Dear Sir 
I would like to introduce myself  before I proceed any further , I am alka Narula , by profession I am  an Interior designer  the author of poetry book " Deep In My Heart "  and an avid blogger , above all a  patriot and  a responsible citizen of this country 

 Sir  , to my understanding  the  election symbols are approved and allotted by Election Commission to various parties in the country and I have a strong objection to the symbol allotted to AAP ,  A  Jharu ( a broom) no doubt when AAP claims to clean the system it may sounds ok to half  the population of this country but the system does not really require a broom to be cleaned  . I  associate , for that matter many people like me , a  broom with  either dirt or filth and particularly when the party has indulged into  verbally spewing  filth all over  .A large no of AAP   supporters are the youth of this country and I feel a party which claims to represent the future of our country should be associated with education and growth which could have been represented by a book , a pen , a laptop  or by any futuristic symbol , there is a list to choose from. 
We certainly need to understand  mind  of the youth which is impressionable at this age they need to think  positive not remain shrouded in traditional ways of  politics of mudslinging ,people like me don't want to see our youth holding the broom in their hands while they walk the streets .

Sir right now its at assembly level , tomorrow when the party contests at national level I wonder ,what message shall be conveyed to the international community  by such symbols? I strongly believe political parties should be discreet about their symbols as well their language .
I suggest their symbol should be replaced  though it seems impossible with elections around the corner but in future the sentiments of people  like me should be taken in  to consideration while allotment t of election symbols. The  patriot in me feels disgusted every time I see a bunch of our upcoming generation walking  with a broom in their hands , the hands that should be holding books and pens  !
 Anticipating a positive response'

With best regards
I remain , Sir
Alka Narula


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