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Monday, 30 June 2014

An Evening In Paradise - Dal Lake Kashmir (A photographic tale)

An Evening in Paradise-Dal Lake Kashmir is an account of my experience of a Shikara ride after the sunset till wee hours in the morning.The Dal Lake covers an area of around 18 sq kms and a part of natural wet land which covers around 21,1 sq kms including the floating gardens of lotus blooms . One of the geological theory suggests it is the remnant of a post galacial lake where as according to the other version it is of fluvial origin from an old flood spill channel of The Jhelum River. During the day time its thronged with tourists who come for Shikara rides but very few know the beauty of shikara ride after sunset . The lights around the lake and in the houseboats light up the lake water  and the sound one can hear is of the oar trying to make way for the shikara at night and the " shikara wallas " rowing back home humm the regional kashmiri songs that liven up the night at intervals.
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