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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

7 Things to do to be successful in Online Business

7 things to do to be successful in online business one can not simply ignore and I wish I had known when I started blogging . Had I known how much money one can make online I would have definitely done my research before but what has been done can not be undone . Here ate the 7 things to do to be  sucessful in online business that you must not ignore . If there are any related quaries please drop a message in comment box or CLICK  HERE  It would be a pleasure to help you .
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If you want to do online business then you must follow the steps below

1. Build Your List (#1 Asset). No excuses. Focus on this daily.

Hire someone to setup your opt-in box if needed. Yet whatever you do, make

your email subscriber list your #1 priority. This is your NUMBER 1

asset when it comes to making money online.

You dream, fantasise of making “Push Button Money” – well, sorry to

burst your bubble it takes a little work to get there and be like me

You gotta be building your list. DAILY. If you are part of a home business,

network marketing company – do NOT build their list. You need to build yours.

(This was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my business

and it’s cost me at least $250,000+ in lost sales.)

If you need a shortcut to building your list without learning how to,

immediately – then go here to get DFY Traffic to jump start your lead generation.

2. Building an audience is faster and easier than ever before. Thanks

to email marketing and social media you can broadcast your message

to thousands of people with a single click. Anyone with an Internet

connection can now build an audience and grow their business faster

than ever before.

Start building your audience, i have an amazing group – YOU of subscribers

that i can communicate to daily, i add value to their lives, and i direct them

to whatever i want them to. Imagine that power, control and influence at

the tiips of your fingertips.

You build an audience by adding value – i spend 30mins to 90 mins each

day thinking, reflecting then pouring my heart out to write to YOU.

3. Start outsourcing early on. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Don’t worry. I’m not talking about hiring a full-time VA. Not yet anyway.

But I want you to STOP doing all the stuff that you can outsource affordably

on sites like Fiverr, oDesk, Microlancer, and

Graphic Design. Ebook Covers. Audio Editing. Video Editing. Tech Stuff.

Setting up Your Membership Site. Setting up Aweber. You name it. Someone

online can do it a LOT more affordably than you might think.

Don’t waste time on the stuff that doesn’t grow your business.

I practically DELEGATE every single thing, except of emailing my

newsletter readers. I write to you PERSONALLY each and every day.

4. Spend 20% of your time learning. 80% of your time DOING.

Become a PRODUCER.

Not just a CONSUMER.

OK ?

The doing part is what grows your business. And what you’ll

find is that the best way to learn about business is just

doing it. Action trumps all. Action trumps you sitting

there wasting time on silly facebook and twitter.

That being said – you should follow me on Facebook because I

Crazy – huh ? Well imagine i never did that – then look at

how much money i would have lost…

5. Growth ALWAYS lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

I used to hate / dislike is a better term, i used to dislike making

videos – then i realised that the more videos i make the more

money i make – to the tune of $10′s of thousands of dollars

per video…

Crazy – huh ? Well imagine i never did that – then look at

how much money i would have lost…

6. Investing In Myself More : I’ve done this from day 1 i guess,

even when i had no money, i still begged and borrowed to get there…

I love investing in myself – to attend conferences, seminars, on average

i invest to make sure i am at the top of my game, emotionally,mentally in my business and in my personal life….

See – i do, what i teach. I attend events, and if you want fast-success, you need to!!!

If you can’t afford high end events YET, then you have sources like Charlotte for the Empower Network

And the least you can do today for yourself is to grab a copy of my best selling book

” Dot Com Decoded ” for just $7 and finish it in the afternoon

That will get you started in the right direction when it comes to making money online !

7. Stop worrying about what other people think.

The only people who

are ‘liked’ by everyone are those who do nothing, say nothing,

and ultimately accomplish nothing. I’m at the point in my life where

I really couldn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks of me…

I do – say – create – think whatever i want. Don’t let those that have no

results dictate you and your future… I used to let my cousins / uncles

affect my behaviour cos they would always make fun of me when i was

trying to get rich on the internet…

If you feel like people aren’t supporting you – cut them out of your life.

Love your family, choose your friends. I am your friend.

Find / Create YOUR tribe of raving fans and serve them with massive value.

Ok – my fingers are aching from writing this to you, cos i’m a little

jet-lagged too ;-)

See you soon :))

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    Saturday, 7 June 2014

    10 Websites To Make Online Money

    Here is a list of 10 websites to make online money , though they may not fetch you big money but are good enough for extra money . And if you are looking at big chunk then Affiliate market is the best suited to make online money but a little complicated and to find a goof Affiliate Program too is a challenge in itself. Apart from that there are other challenges like how to Convert Customers to Lifetime customers and keep making here are 10 easy doorways to make online money

    #onlinemoney #howto #makemoney #affiliatemarket #top10 

    1 ) -A website where one can make money by clicking ads and reading emails ,though this one doesn't give you big money but is good for students who want to generate some extra income in  free time

    2) - Microworkers offers to pay you for small jobs by contributing to face book likes , comments , sign up etc

    3) -It offers to pay you $5 for simple tasks like designing a face book page, designing  record it for the client basically pay for your abilities .

    4)   It gives you a platform to blog and split the ad revenue they make off each post with the author 50/50. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather.

    5) A blogging and networking platform The site encourages members to cover a specific subject creating what they call a "hub" of articles with a recommended length of words . If members sign up for one of HubPages "affiliate and earnings programs", the members are eligible to earn funds from the ad revenue generated by their pages.

    6) There are lots of great reasons to use a marketplace like where you can get paid for your skills.

    7) -Odesk is also a market place to find jobs to make money online, this is a market place to start your career as a freelancer.

    8) muturk is a subsidiary of The site offers various online jobs for some money(low) but some works are highly paid, but you really sweat it out.

    9) - It pays you for the surveys undertaken by you

    10 ) The Elance website allows businesses to post jobs, search for freelance professionals, and solicit proposals. They can evaluate the contractors applying for the job and, once a contractor is selected, communications and files are exchanged through the Elance system. Payment for jobs, which can either be hourly-rate or project-based jobs, is made by the client through Elance's system, which deducts a percentage of the fee, 8.75%, as a "commission.

    Tuesday, 20 May 2014

    Fire Your Boss

    Fire your boss ! I know the term “fire your boss” is so cliche, but there are thousands of people in the process of doing that right now . If  that is on your mind too but you are gripped by the  fear "just one fear" and that is " survival " I would suggest take a look at  this system to make it happen..And the reason people are firing their bosses faster than ever before is because the system is setup to make you #money from day one.

    Well you must be wondering why have I written this post but the fact I never believed in online money but when I realised  it's so easy for bloggers like us who have an added advantages one -blog which is a passion for most of us and two- make money with blogging# , so  I joined this online community who make money with the said system in less than 24hrs!  Another great thing that attracted me was "The owner is so confident that you will make money in the first 30 days that he is willing to pay you $100 cash if you don’t make a profit.And it worked for me ! So why not the blogger community who try hard to make money through #adsense and other #advertising #web tools . If you believe in me you have nothing to lose…then why not join the community which is just a  click away  and discover the treasure ??

    Or else you can REGISTER  if you have questions.

    Monday, 5 May 2014

    Make Money Online With Me

    #online money
    I remember having been asked by fellow bloggers if I am making money from adsense when I started blogging initially and I said " A BIG NO NO " In fact I unsusbscribed adsense from my blogs and for past three years I genuinely concentrated on my writings till my recent introduction to some one who has setup an empire by working online and called me "A fool who hasn't thought of making money while sitting on a jackpot ". I was too sure he is going to advise me on Adsense or POPADS but what he shared with me was mind boggling which actually tempted me to create a separate blog " on tips for making on line money ". Believe me its huge and for bloggers like us who spend a lot of time online have an added advantage . At initial stages you might find it confusing but believe me it works.Here we go with easiest way to make $20 online if you don't they pay you $100 dollars . For more tips click REGISTER at the bottom .

    This is awesome…

    You either make a profit in your first 30 days

    with this system, or the owner will send you

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                                                          So, basically…


    If you want to make some extra cash, or
    replace your income, then check out this
    amazing online solution where you can
    make money with just your computer.

    I just jumped in this new system...
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    And it goes like this...
    Let the system help you make $20 onlineand if you don't, they will PAY YOU $100!
    Check it out now, because this system right
    here will make a whole lot of people...

    ...a whole lot of money.

    I know, because there are countless success
    stories coming out DAILY from members using
    this system who have never made a dime before
    with ANYTHING else.

    Take a look...I promise, it will be worth your time
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