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Friday, 25 July 2014

Sex On The Beach

Have you ever had "Sex On The Beach "  if not then you must try this cocktail drink made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice . An International Bartenders Association Official Cocktail is served in a highball glass and sometimes they are mixed in smaller amounts and served as ashooter.

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Sex on The Beach

Serves 1


25ml Vodka

25ml peach schnapps

75ml Orange Juice

75ml Cranberry Juice

Dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice


Shake well the ingredients in cocktail shaker pre filled with ice and transfer into a long glass and shake well . To garnish add a maraschino cherry and a slice of orange on stick

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Queen of cocktails - Bloody Mary

Queen of cocktails " Bloody Mary " also known as a hangover cure “a classic example of combining in one potion both the poison and the antidote.” A complex drink yet popular , Queen of cocktails -Bloody Mary is a vodka based drink tomato juice and spices are essential ingredients in the cocktail ,while Worcestershire sauce, piri piri sauce, Tabascos sauce are added for flavours . Virgin Mary, Bloody Shame, Bloody Virgin, or Bloody Barbara: Without alcohol ,typically with an increased volume of tomato juice, the vodka simply being omitted are the non alcohlic substitutes of the cocktail. . The Red Hammer of 1950's now known as Bloody Mary Used to be a thick; chunky drink with plenty of garnish which made it appear like a salad bar . To make the improved cocktail the grinding of blend is a must .It not only changes the texture of the drink but also makes it a more elegant pour. While you enjoy the drink I will be off to Kashmir to come back with few more interesting cocktail recipes.Before I take your leave One final note: the Bloody Mary is an early afternoon drink—those who consume it after the sun has set possess personality defects and are to be avoided. It is, however, a known antidote to the common hangover, and those who drink it in the morning are to be regarded as people of great knowledge and unerring discernment.

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Ingredients for imroved Bloody Mary (Cocktail drink )

4 oz. Tomato Juice

1 ½ oz. Vodka

¼ oz. Lemon Juice

¼ oz. Lime Juice

½ tsp. Gold's Horseradish

½ tsp. B-Mary’s Spice Blend

¼ tsp. Cholula Hot Sauce


Stir it in a glass. Serve before 2 p.m. – preferably on a weekend.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

A Double Bash With 50 Year Storm

50 Year Storm is a  #Tequila based drink with a touch of fresh squeezed juices including lime and orange finished with the a hint of agave nectar syrup that really brings out the tequila and rounds everything. A margarita cocktail "50 Year Storm," a Maestro Dobel-fueled drink inspired by the classic 1991 blockbuster Point Break.  A movie about a gang of surfers who robbed banks but had a tight family and really loved surfing,The term "50 Year Storm" was used by one of the main characters to describe the ultimate wave: "A wave you never thought you'd see. A storm so good and powerful no one would attempt to surf." Its main ingredient contains Maestro Dobel Tequila which is a very smooth 100% blue agave tequila sourced from single estates in Jalisco, Mexico.Cointreau gives the cocktail a pure and subtle flavor of bittersweet orange peels . Sounds tempting  ! Well don't forget the glass, hmmm  a martini glass will do and here we go.....

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50 Year Storm
2 oz Maestro Dobel Tequila
.75 oz Cointreau
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz orange juice
.5 oz agave syrup


Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Double strain into martini glass with black salt rim. Garnish with orange peel.
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